About Us


 Is a General Trading and Representation Company, Mainly Focused in The Field of Oil and Gas. Today With The Help of it’s Current Management Team and Colleagues has Become a Vast Growing International Trading Organization, a Specialist in The Crude Oil & Gas Market as Both a Buyer an a Seller Worldwide.


RTE and its related and associated companies have been in international trading and manufacturing for over 80 years in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Latin America. The Company history goes back to the year 1935 where the family started a Cotton Mill and expanded into buying and selling textile equipment throughout the world. We are committed to offering the most updated used textile equipment for sale in the marketplace. 

In 2008 our group widened it’s trading base to include trading in Oil & Gas.


E Award

RTE. is proud to say it is the only  textile machinery dealer to ever receive the prestigious “E” Award from the United States Department of Commerce.

Created in 1961 by executive order of President John F. Kennedy, the President’s “E” Award was designed to give special recognition to those few outstanding companies and individuals who excelled in their effort to increase United States exports.

The “E” Award, which stands for Excellence, Expansion, Effort and Exports, symbolizes the finest in American commerce and stands as a reminder of the ever increasing importance and value of participation in the global marketplace.

RTE. was presented the “E” Award the very first time it was created in 1961. Since then, we have always strived to maintain the same level of excellence in all we do.


Manny Galban, President, CEO

Michael K. Diamond, VP

Alisa Carroll, Administrative Officer

William C. Shillinglaw, Legal Department

Donald Gilroy, Logistics Department

Nathan Reeves, Sales Department in TX
Andreas Hadjoudes, Associate Partner

Founding Member of (BUYSELLCRUDEOIL) a

Subsidiary of RTE. Clean Flow Oil & Gas, Inc